Shootout Event Rules


This page contains information regarding the rules and regulations of The Fishing Crew     Shootout Trail. Please read through them carefully before applying or participating in a TFC Shootout Trail event.


Anyone 18 years and older or a minor with a legal guardian, with a valid SD fishing license is eligible to fish in the tournaments. Entry fee $450.00 per team per event. A $25.00 membership fee is also required. All contestant must check in at the rules meetings Saturday nights 6:30pm at each site.(site will be posted on the web-site and Facebook page). Each team will be allowed only one sub thought the year. The only way a sub can be used in the championship is if they have fished during the regular season with the team using them in the championship

Tackle & Equipment

Artificial and Live lures may be used. Each contestant may use two rods. Only two fishermen are allowed per boat. (staff person is the exception). 350 max motor horse power. Life jacket must be worn any time the boat if on plane. Marine band radios must be on channel 72 doing tournament hours (If you don’t have a marine band radio you must inform tournament officials)

Boat Checks

All contestants will be checked before the tournament boats are backed into the water. Boat will also be checked on the water during tournament hours. Any one refusing to allow patrol boats to check your boat will be disqualified. If the patrols asked to board your boat to check tags you must allow them to board your boat. If conditions are so rough that it cannot take place. They may ask you to go to calmer water to complete the check. (the checks will take place) All patrol boats will be dressed in the TFC colors and will have identification they will show you.


The boundaries will be gone over at the rules meeting. Majority of the boundaries will be as far as you can make it there and back on one tank of gas there will no filling on water or carrying any gas along.


Anyone who has a grievance of any kind must submit a check/cash for $250 to tournament director. After the issues have been presented, the party or parties that are being accused of the violation will be brought behind closed doors and the issue will be discussed with everyone present. The tournament Director will be the moderator and make the final decision. All situations will be handled professionally. If any contestant becomes aggressive or verbally abusive they will be removed from the tournament site and disqualified from the event and all other TFC events NO EXCEPTIONS). If your grievance is found to be true, your $250 deposit will be returned and the party or parties will be disqualified from the event. All violations of SD Law will be turned over to the authorities.

Fishing Hours

The tournaments will be held from 7am to 3pm Sundays at each event site. Any team arriving to the flag boat past 3:00pm will be disqualified. Tournament director have the right to change the fishing hours if needed

Scoring – Largest Weight in Five Fish

(all events will be tag fish events 7 tags per boat 2 over 20 inches the rest must be 15 inches minimum) each team will bring there best 5 fish to the scale. Heaviest weight will win!!! All 7 tags must be returned to the scale master. If you have seven fish tagged, bring your best five to the scale. Your other two tagged fish will be released into a holding tank (do not remove the tags yourself, this will be and automatic disqualification NO EXCEPTIONS). If you do not have all your tags used up, you still need to bring all 7 tags to the weigh-in site with your official TFC information and turn them into the STAFF. Unused tags must be returned the same way as given to you.


All ties will be decided by a coin flip. With all winnings and trophies to the winner of the coin flip.

Boat Departure

All teams will line up behind the tournament directors flag boat and be led out 1-60. You will pass by the flag boat one at a time at no wake speed. After showing your number card to the flag boat and he confirms your number you can take off. Boat Departure position will be determined on a first come first serve basis. The only exception will be the winner of each event will be boat #1 out in the next event, except the Championship will be drawing at the rules meeting.

Entry Fee

$400 per team per event


Each contestant will sign a waiver form. This form will be a sign of release that will pertain to cell phone use on the water during tournament hours. By signing this form you will agree to allow the director to access your incoming and outgoing calls and text messages if needed. If you refuse you will be disqualified. In no way are we looking to stop you from having cell a phone on you. We are simply stating if you decide to use them during tournament hours to gain a fishing advantage you will be disqualified. We cannot stop contestants from forming teams and working together before the event. Once you are on the water, there will be no communication during tournament hours. We will be watching for those of you who feel the need to push the limit! Please understand the reason behind my thinking. All contestants that have family issues, jobs, etc that require cell phone access; this will need to be communicated to the tournament director at the rules meeting. This will stop confusion throughout the event. I truly understand the importance of family, work and being able to get in touch in case of an emergency. On the other hand, entries should understand where we are coming from with the amount of money that is on the line. Thank you for your understanding and if you have any question regarding the above notice, feel free to contact the Tournament Director.



The one day events that got The Fishing Crew started. This series offers three different lake or river venues. All entry fees will be $400 per event. Shootout events are one day with rules meeting on Saturday evening and Tournament on Sunday. Any entry to shootout event qualifies team to fish the Cabelas Regional Championship.

The Fishing Crew Shootout #1

Rules May 13th

May 14th Lake Sharpe Pierre SD

The Fishing Crew Shootout #2

Rules June 10th

June 11th Lake Oahe Pollock SD

Hosted By Big Daddy's Bar

The Fishing Crew Shootout #3

Rules July 29th 

July 30th Lake Oahe 

​Hosted by West Prairie Resort

The Fishing Crew Shootout Events

10 places paid with max field
1st  $7500
2nd $3500
3rd  $2200
4th  $1500
5th  $1000
6th  $900
7th  $800
8th  $700
9th  $600
10th $500

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