South Dakotas Longest Running Walleye Trail


Invite only for qualifying walleye clubs is a 2 day tournament with Friday rules meeting, Saturday and Sunday Tournament days. 

​How to qualify: The top teams in each circuit/club in 2015 or 2016 (depending on club) will qualify to fish the 2016 Regional Championship tournament. Contact your club for qualifying information. 

The entry fee for the events will be $350.00 per 2 person team. Over 80% of the entry fees will also be paid out to the top finishers.  Other sponsor bonus and big fish pots will also be awarded.

Regional Walleye Championships

REGISTRATION: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm check in time. (All TEAM MUST BE CHECKED IN BY 5:30 pm) RULES MEETING TIME:  6:00 pm (ONE TEAM MEMBER MUST BE PRESENT) (All teams must be off the water by 3pm on the day of the rules meeting)
Team can start having their boats check 5:00 am and must be checked in before 6:45 am (please make sure your boat is water ready when you get in line for boat inspection and all compartments are open.  

T​his is a Qualifying tournament between the following organizations:
Sherman Lake Walleye Club
Colorado Walleye Association
Kansas Walleye Association
Nebraska Walleye Trail
Wyoming Walleye Stampede
Texas Walleye Association
The Fishing Crew (South Dakota)
High Desert Walleye Association (New Mexico) 
Clear Lake Fishing Club (Iowa)
Glacial Lakes Walleye Club (South Dakota) 
Harlan Anglers (Nebraska)
Nebraska Walleye Association

Cedar Valley Walleye Club (Iowa)

Walleye Insanity (Colorado)
Other clubs TBA

***Regional Walleye Championship***

Devils Lake - Grahams Island State Park
Rules 18th
August 19th - 20th